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Robert Crotty
Worshipful Master
From the East

Greetings from the East

How jealous I am of our snow birds in lodge... It seems this winter will never end!

I hope this article finds everyone doing well and staying warm. Over the course of the next couple of articles, I hope to bring some new light to all of us.

While visiting a lodge in Tennessee last week, I noticed a familiar tune from our lodges here..I could easily look around the room and count every one of them as friend, and brother. The only visible difference, I was the youngest person in the building by around 30 years. Freemasonry is the oldest fraternity in the world, and with the advancements in time and technology, we need to advance as well. Often times, members don't have an email address to receive mass updates for upcoming lodge information, or don't receive texts. How many of us have a Twitter account? Facebook? I have found a growing number of brothers on Linkedln recently, even a few masonic groups.

With the reinvention of the Grand Lodge website, to include a much friendlier mobile version now, thank you Grand Lodge, there is a realization that we need to push for the future of our fraternity that we so love. How many of you have sons, or even grandsons that would make amazing Masons?

Talk to them about our fraternity. Answer questions. Be proud of being a Mason. I know I am! I have my pin on just about every jacket I own, and wear a Mason hat...I get stopped quite a bit and am asked questions about our fraternity. Don't have a petition on you at that moment? Grand Lodge has a PDF version of it on their website you can email to them right then and there...

In the next series, I look to speak about member retention and getting out there to other bodies of masonry. I look forward to seeing you all in lodge!


Robert Crotty, Worshipful Master 2014

Jim Hecker, P.M.
Senior Warden
From the West

Greetings From the West

I would like to thank all the brothers of Centerline for allowing me to serve as your Senior Warden, it will be privilege and honor to serve you all. I hope I can do as good of job as our past SW. We have few degrees to do this month and next. Hope to see you all there.

This year has already started off with a bang and will continue to be busier in the upcoming months. There is work to be done and bodies needed to do it. Your Lodge needs you and your support.

I challenge all members of Centerline 550 to recommend one candidate for admission to our fraternity. We all know someone who we would be proud to call a brother. Now is the time to get them a petition.

Brothers, when you have some time, please send me your current EMAIL address so I may send you email of events up and coming. Here is my email address: F16LOADER@WIDEOPENWEST.COM Please feel free to contact me through email or call me at: 248-877-5169

Jim Hecker, P.M., Senior Warden

Greg Niemi
Junior Warden
From the South

Greetings From the South

Greg Niemi, Junior Warden

Donald Carman, P.G.M.
From the Secretary

Ramblings from the desk of the Secretary,

Think Spring

"I don't know about you but I've had enough snow for this year".

I know it's hard to think about the sweet smell of freshly cut grass..the sound of that golf ball plunking into the cup... . back yard Bar-Be-Ques and summer vacations, but these things are just around the comer. One of the hardest winters I can remember is, for the most part behind us. And while we're thinking about the future, why not think about finding that special man and his family that would fit right in around the Lodge.

Talk to your neighbor, the mail man or your golfing buddy and get him to sign a petition and join the Lodge. I'm sure there is that special someone that you think would enjoy bemg pail of the Greatest Fraternity the World. Share with him your experiences, maybe in the Shrine, or the Scottish or York Rites.. "Share the Secret", and become part of something very special.

For those of you that haven't been to Lodge is a while come on down, join in the fellowship. Bring your family to one of our pot-Luck dinners and bring a friend. Our pot-Luck dinners are held on the 4 Wednesday of every month and you will be surprised how much fun you can have.

Donald Carman P.G.M. Secretary

Henry Fair, P.M.
From the Editor

From the Editor

Safety at Home & Traveling

Everyone needs a patient medication wallet card, with a list of the current medications you are taking, along with notifications of any chronic medical conditions any allergies, and I.C.E. (In case of Emergency) contacts to keep with you in your wallet/purse, next to your driver's license.

When you visit a doctor, are in need of a medic/first responder or have experienced a hospital admittance and were asked what meds you were taking, doctors name, etc., but couldn't remember, help may be at hand.

There is an on-line service that offers a medical information card, free of charge. Any info you disclose to the service will not be saved. If, at a later date you need to change or update any info, you will have to enter all info again.

There is also a form available that can be printed out and completed with a pen. The web-site is
CenterLine Lodge officers and members take no responsibility for this service or to the of any info given by user.

Henry Fair, Editor

Larry Gibson
The Beacon Project

If you have any questions, feel free to call me, Larry Gibson at 586.758.6665 or e-mail me at or a member of Centerline Lodge 550.

Brother Larry Gibson, Chairman of the Beacon Project. Center Line Lodge 550

Henry Fair, P.M.
Michigan Masonic Motorcycle Assn. Chapter One

Please, visit our Web Site at:


Well, Last year the Michigan Masonic Motorcycle presented a check in the amount of $1,000 to assist in the preservation of the Civil War battle flags at the Lansing Museum. The presentation took place at Center Line Masonic Lodge.

We will again, be visiting the "Save the Flags" exhibit in Lansing this coming March or April, when finalized, the exact date will be made available. If you need an exquisite "Preserve our Heritage" limited edition lapel/ hat pin, we still have some available.

We would like to thank everyone that supported us and continues to support us in giving all of us this opportunity to be involved in such a worthy and rewarding project.

Interested in joining or finding out more about the exciting and rewarding events planned by the Michigan Masonic Motorcycle Association, there may not be a better time. If you are a Master "Mason in good standing with your Lodge, have a motorcycle 500cc or larger and are looking for some fun, adventure and a great group to ride with, consider membership in the Michigan Masonic Motorcycle Association.

How do I join and/or find out more on the exciting events planned by the Michigan Masonic Motorcycle Association? If you are a Master Mason in good standing with your Lodge, have a motorcycle 500cc's and above and are looking for a great group to ride with, please consider the M.M.M.A. You are invited to visit our Web Site; for additional information.

Henry Fair P.M. President and Membership Chairman, M.M.M.A. Chapter One

Larry Gibson & Jack Ruby
Homeless Veterans and Masonry

Homeless Veterans and Masonry .....

As the largest and oldest fraternity in the World, we Masons are focused on the pursuit of excellence and by helping Men to live a better and more fulfilling life. Our Michigan Masons come from all walks of life, with great hopes as far as improving themselves and the world around them. Our District 56 (Masons) again lead the war, by "Freemasons Support Troops" whether they are active military, veterans and our Homeless Veterans. We have chosen to raise funds to support our Homeless Veterans, at the Michigan Veterans Foundation in Detroit, MI. I've also stood behind the quotation, "Land Of The Free - Because Of The Brave". "More than 1,729 Veterans of the United States Armed Forces are homeless in Southeast. Michigan Veterans make up 35 percent of our areas Homeless. While we believe no one should be without a roof over their heads, it is particularly sad that those who served and sacrificed for our Country are disproportionately affected by Homelessness." (Dir. MYF)

If homeless veterans fall off the grid out of circumstances or by choice, rural veterans can have a hard time connecting simply because of geography. There are Hot-lines that can help our Veterans, here are some: 1-877-WAR-VETS / 877-927-8387 (the Vet Center Combat Call Center, 1-80)-927-8255 (The Veteran Crisis Line), 1-800-VA-WOMEN / 1-855-829-6636 (which is new and, is for our female veterans), 1-877-424-3838 (makes the call to VA Outreach to Homeless Veterans and their families.)

I've been approached on numerous occasions concerning Long-Term Care. Here are some information sources - Medicare & You 2013 available on the Internet or call 1-800-633-4227. Also - The USAA Educational Foundation - and Dignity of Life Long-Term Care Insurance - LTC Financial Partners, LLC (1-866-277-3930).

You know people if you, are affiliated with a Service Organization such as American Legion, VFW, Disabled American Veterans, MOPH Marine Corps League, PVA, AMVETS, and or VieU1am Veterans of America and others, you may have your questions answered so much quicker. All you need to do is visit one of these organization and sign, (no cost to you), their Power Of Attorney. They will do all the talking and walking for you. If you don't have one, I would highly suggest getting one. (again - it's Free for you as a U.S. Veteran)

I would like to personally invite you to join us in supporting the vital work of helping Homeless Veterans at our Michigan Veterans Foundation, Directed by Tyrone Chatman. We are wanting you to volunteer in our communities when it involves Homeless Veterans. Our Michigan Veterans Foundation helps Homeless Veterans by providing them with skills, confidence, and necessary resources needed to break their cycle of homelessness and return them to independent living. You are probably asking yourself, what, or how can I make a difference. Here are some suggestions, Fundraisers, Clothing Drives, Food Drives, Hygiene Product Drives, Volunteer to cut hair etc .. New thoughts and ideas should go through the District Coordinator, Larry Gibson, (586) 758-6665. (Please call me prior co your visit.)

We need to stand tall as Masons and also as Veterans, regardless of where we have been in our lives. It's time to give where needed, and it doesn't matter whether you are. Being homeless or at risk for homelessness is one of the most difficult things a person can face. Lacking the security of knowing where you'll sleep at night, having no place to keep your belongings, and not having the ability to care for yourself and possibly your family can lead to stress, anger and a sense of shame, depression and physical discomfort .. It can be hard to find employment, live a satisfying life, or do the things they want to do because they are homeless.

Myself and WB Jack Rudy (BGP) would like to Thank You All for helping and making a difference since March to Present. Homelessness is complicated and difficult to overcome, but we did things as Masons in hopes to make a difference in some of the lives down at the Michigan Veterans Foundation. Here are some of the ways: During different times of Fellowship, we "Share the Love By Passing The Jag". We made everyone aware that YOU did make a difference by purchasing two types of pins supporting Homeless Veterans. The first pin is "Freemasons Support Our Troops", once a Troop always a Troop. The second pin reveals the American Flag as well as the Canadian Flag with the Masonic Square and Compass in the middle. We even auctioned off pies.

At this time we would like to thank UAW Local 1264, also raising funds to help support our Michigan Homeless Veterans down at the Michigan Veterans Foundation. Thank You Al Akers.

The total funds raised is still being computed as we speak. Some and we hoped to have just about all funds matched by our Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation. We will provide this information in the upcoming Informer.

If you have questions and or concerns, call me: Larry Gibson (586) 785-6665 (H) or (586) 612-4929(C). Thank You So Much For Volunteering, On Behalf Of The Michigan Veterans Foundation.

Donations can be made to the Michigan Veterans Foundation by calling (313) 831-5500. Some one will call you back to make arrangements. Do not call the MVF Thrift Store to make arrangements. The Thrift Store is located at 27329 W. Warren, Dearborn Hts. MI. (southeast comer of Warren Ave. at Inkster Rd.)

We have to 2 Fundraisers coming up at Hooters of Troy MI. - 2950 Rochester Rd. (248) 740-1574 September 6 and 7 starting at 7:30pm - Comedy Night - Tickets 520.00 in advance Tickets $25.00 at the door.

With the tickets you will receive 1O wings. there will be a Silent Auction - all proceeds go to the MYF.

To End I would like all to keep in their Memories Always, our Fallen Military Heroes as well as our Beloved Masonic Brethren. Most recently, let keep Brother Vayden King who passed on 8-13-20I3, and let's keep his entire family in our prayers.

Contact Persons: BGP, PM. Jack Rudy at (586)935-7266 and Brother Larry Gibson at (586)758-6665.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me, Larry Gibson at 586.758.6665 or e-mail me at or a member of Centerline Lodge 550.



In Loving Memory
In Loving MemoryBrother John Gray, P.M.
In Loving MemoryBrother George N. Loesch, P.M.

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